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JellieBeans Rosemary of Elegian Now living in Italy

Sire: JellieBeans Jasper

Dam:Summerstar's High Emotion of JellieBeans (MoMo)

JellieBeans Jasper

JellieBeans Jonah

JellieBeans Valarina

Summerstar's Hallejah of JellieBeans

All Photos Below are JellieBeans Kittens & Cats

All of these cats have gone to their new families

G.C. Dullcats Phoebe Snow

G.C.I.C.R.W.JellieBeans JimmyZ of Kenfthis

JellieBeans BB
Now Living in Portugal

Baby "BB"

JellieBeans Mia
Now Living in Germany

Baby "Mia"

JellieBeans Talia

Now living in Finland

JellieBeans Annie
Now Living in Austria

Baby Annie

JellieBeans Black Pearl
Now living in Belgium

Baby Pearl

JellieBeans Johnny Angel

JellieBeans Johnny Angel

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Brian Forever in my heart